We make high quality, hand-poured soy candles

Sweetie Soy Candles

Sweetie Soy Candles is a family-owned business. We hand-pour and individually makes every candle ordered. Over time, we have tried and tested different waxes and formulated a special blend of all natural, non-toxic 100% soy wax that burns cleaner and last longer than petroleum-based paraffin.

Our desire is to keep customers coming back by hand-crafting high-quality soy candles with memorable fragrances. Whether searching for scented jar candles or decorative votive candles…our attractive products will make an excellent addition to your home. Need customized candles for special occasions like weddings and baby showers? We offer custom ordering and labeling options (contact us for details). Sweetie Soy Candles is based in Lancaster, Pa. We can ship our products anywhere in the U.S.

Why Soy?

Soy is an awesome eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuel derived, petroleum based candles like paraffin. Soy wax candles last longer than comparably sized paraffin candles. Our soy candles create less soot and burn cleaner, with far less affect on one’s allergies. Best of all, our candle wax is made from sustainable, 100% U.S. grown soy beans.

In short, Sweetie Soy Candles are better for the environment, your well-being, and American farmers.